Become a Partner

The NGDATA Partner Program is a multi-tiered partner model designed to offer you the resources that will help to grow your business. NGDATA offers partnerships at different levels, each with their own prerequisites and benefits:

  • Solution partner: you want to partner with NGDATA either in referral, so-sell or re-sell mode.
    • Partners in referral mode recognize the need for Lily Enterprise™ in an organization. After registering the opportunity with NGDATA, they receive commission on the sale of the software, when closed within twelve months of the registration.
    • In co-sell mode, partners make a commitment to NGDATA on an agreed number of projects per year or an annual revenue target. They benefit from the use of resources from NGDATA during the entire sales and service delivery process and obtain greater commissions for Lily Enterprise™ sales efforts. NGDATA works closely alongside the partner to ensure the success of the partner and their Lily Enterprise™ implementations.
    • Re-sell partners are independent sales and services organizations who also make a commitment to NGDATA on an agreed number of projects per year or an annual revenue target. They obtain an even higher commission fee as they reached a level of being capable to close the sales cycle and deliver the project on their own or with minimal intervention from NGDATA. 
  • OEM partner: OEM partners are independent software vendors (ISV's) who have complimentary technologies and want to integrate Lily Enterprise™ into their own solutions. OEM partners agree to acquire and continue to develop the skills on Lily Enterprise™ and agree to the OEM terms and conditions to attain minimum revenue targets.
  • Technology partner: Technology partners have complementary technologies that fit within the Lily Enterprise™ ecosystem, including -but not limited to- data analytical tools, reporting software, back- and front end solutions, etc.


Please provide the following information to continue the partner application process: